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Roadtrip for a CAUSE

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Around July or August, PH First will conduct a Cross-Country Roadtrip; Manila-Bicol-Samar-Leyte-Surigao-Davao v/v. And as we pass by Tacloban City, we will donate goods like water, food, clothes and school supplies for the children. We will deliver it personally at Tacloban City Hall, we’ll post photos of it here and on our official facebook page for confirmation of our donation.

Please, if you want to help us in this mission, feel free to donate some goods on our office; 40 Santa Fe Street, Pacita Complex 1, San Pedro City, Laguna. If you want to donate in cash; deposit it through our bank account; BPI Karla Jean Yadao 0469-3822-57, but please introduce yourself and your donation so that we can monitor it. Don’t worry! all of your information will be safe with us if you want to be discrete about your donation.

For other concerns, please contact us here;


09166267150 / 09272638273


Thank you and God Bless you all!

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