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After PH First’s huge success on it’s first PH Random Journey at QUIRINO, we would like to list down our and some our PHeeps’ opinion on what should be the TOP 10 PROSPECTS for PH First’s next PH Random Journey!


So without further a-do, here’s our list;

10. Palanan, Isabela – Isabela’s hidden Forest & Coastal Gem

Palanan - Isabela's isolated but quite and tranquil town

Palanan – Isabela’s isolated but quiet and tranquil town

Ever heard of this town? Neither do we! I just recently knew this place due to the fact that I saw this lone town somehow seperated from other towns of Isabela. So I searched the net and found out that there’s no actual road connecting Palanan from other towns of the said province! Why? Because it is bordered by the Sierra Madre Mountain Range in the west which is a protected area so no roads or any kind of infrastructure are allowed to be constructed within it’s vicinity. While on the east is the Philippine Sea & Pacific Ocean itself!

Because of the town’s secretive identity, the town remains it’s quiet, clean & tranquil ambiance. It’s coastal areas are in fact remarkable; crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, rich marine life! While the heavily forested areas of the municipality remains untouched boasting it’s never before seen species of flora and fauna. PALANAN is indeed a paradise that PH First wants to visit & we hope it will happen soon! 😉

9. Tawi-Tawi – Our Southernmost Paradise

Aerial view of Bongao - Tawi-Tawi's capital town

Aerial view of Bongao – Tawi-Tawi’s capital town

Tawi-Tawi is the southernmost province of our country, located just near the Malaysian province of Sabah and part of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. This province is known to be difficult to reach, due to the fact that it’s location is quite far, transportation going there is also an issue, you need to ride a plane from Manila going to Zamboanga or mostly Manila-Cebu-Zamboanga. Next, you may ride a boat from Zamboanga going to Sulu then ride another boat cruising to the province of Tawi-Tawi. And the lastly, the security itself is another problem. But don’t worry, those are just rumors, the people of the province are hospitable and friendly, just don’t forget you’re just a visitor of their land!

Tawi-Tawi boasts numerous sites such as the Bud Bongao– the highest peak of the province, the ‘Venice of the Philippines’ – Sitangkai, Panampangan Island – the province’s most prestine white sand beach, and many more! PH First will definitely go there, let’s add this to our bucket-list.

8. Sorsogon – Luzon’s literal ‘Down Under’

Besides Donsol's Whale Shark Interaction, this beautiful White Sand beach is also one of the province's premier spot; Subic Beach in Matnog

Besides Donsol’s Whale Shark Interaction, this beautiful White Sand beach is also one of the province’s premier spot; Subic Beach in Matnog

Have you been to Sorsogon? You’ll say you have been to Donsol but literally, have you been to Sorsogon already? We mean the other towns and sites of this remarkable province. Check out the historical Spanish church ruins of Barcelona, located on the town of the same name. Also, you might be interested in Bacon! Not those thin sliced pork breakfast faves but the town (well, now part of Sorsogon City) of the same name & make sure to visit Paguriran Island, an island that can be reached by walking when the sea is in low-tide state and swim to it’s turquoise lagoon. How about one of the highest lakes in our country? Lake Bulusan is a quaint crater lake formed by the explosion of Bulusan Volcano, the lake itself is recommended for Kayaking enthusiasts.

More sites can be explored in this wonderful province, just make sure that you’ll invite or go with us! 😉

7. Apayao – Cordillera’s next ‘IT’ province

The falls that exits the lagoon of Lussok Crystal Cave in Luna, Apayao

The falls that exits the lagoon of Lussok Crystal Cave in Luna, Apayao

Kalinga-Apayao, Kalinga-Apayao, we thought that this (two) province is still together but they are certainly not anymore! Kalinga & Apayao has been seperated due to administrative act of 1995 comprising the bill that separates the two since Kalinga & Apayao are names of two different tribes! Since Kalinga is now known as a tourist hot-spot because of the famous White Water Rafting at Chico River and the Mambabatok; Whang-Od, Apayao has somehow felt a setback from his brother province. But we here at PH First has searched for spots here in Apayao that are very unique & truly notable! Ever heard of a Lagoon located in the middle of the mountains then a large Cave is on it’s entrance, stroll your way through and you will be be astonished by a waterfall on the exit of that cave! This place is called the Lussok Crystal Cave in Luna, Apayao.


Other spots include Pudtol Church, the unpolluted rivers of Luna & Pudtol, and many more! Soon, we will explore Cordiller’s next ‘IT‘ province!

6. Compostela Valley – Davao Region’s Virgin Hotspot

The Mossy Forest of White Peak in Compostela Valley

The Mossy Forest of White Peak in Compostela Valley

The only province in the Region which has no ‘Davao’ in it’s name. =) Compostela Valley is recognized by it’s lush forest but rather than that is the large scale logging & gold mining around the area. Luckily though, 70% of it still remain unscathed. One certain place in Compostela Valley is a mountain called White Peak, this is due to the appearance of it’s summit covered with white limestone while the rest of the mountain is covered with green mossy forests. The mountain boasts a tremendous Mossy forest as you can see at the photo above. Other than that, some of the forests of Compostela Valley has the parasitic flower known as a Rafflesia mira, regarded as the largest flower in the world. Then there’s the two beautiful waterfalls; Tagbibinta & Marangig Falls and many, many more! All of which can be found in Compostela Valley!

5. Biliran – Small in Land Area but Humongous in Awesome Adventure!

Sambawan Island overlooking Maripipi (Volcano) Island in Biliran

Sambawan Island overlooking Maripipi (Volcano) Island in Biliran

Eastern Visayas are comprised of the provinces of Samar (Northern Samar, Samar & Eastern Samar) & Leyte (Leyte, Southern Leyte), but have you heard of the small island province of Biliran? Biliran can be reached by land from Leyte even though it is an island, you just have to cross a bridge connecting the two island masses. (like San Juanico bridge) Biliran boasts the largest & most beautiful rice terraces outside of the Cordilleras, known as the Iyusan Rice Terraces. But the highlight of the province is the beautiful white sand beach and the remarkable view of & from Sambawan Island of Maripipi, Biliran, a seperated island municipality from the main island of Biliran. The island of Maripipi is in fact a large active volcano!

Some locals tell that you can in fact, circumnavigate Biliran in just one day, but in this paradise, you need more time to relax, enjoy and flourish this one of a kind province!

4. Biri Island, Northern Samar – The Rock Formation Capital of the Philippines

Due to the consistency of salt and the clear sky reflecting to the sea, you can sometimes witness a mirror-effect at Biri Island, Northern Samar

Due to the consistency of salt and the clear sky reflecting to the sea, you can sometimes witness a mirror-effect at Biri Island, Northern Samar

Biri – a island municipality part of Northern Samar is known for it’s magnificent rock formations and astonishing lagoons, that’s why Biri is the so called “Rock Formation Capital of the Philippines“.  It can be reached by boat from Lavezares, Northern Samar for about an hour. For more info about Biri, please check out our blog about the next tourism hotspot; . PH First definitely would like to go there, hopefully you could join us! 😉

3. Balabac, Palawan – Our Westernmost Frontier

Bugsuk Island in Balabac, Palawan - only 1 hour away from Sabah, Malaysia

Bugsuk Island in Balabac, Palawan – only 1 hour away from Sabah, Malaysia

Welcome to our country’s westernmost territory! Balabac is just a few kilometers away from Sabah, Malaysia, it is in fact much closer to Sabah’s capital city, Kota Kinabalu than Palawan’s very own capital; Puerto Princesa City. Balabac is a 3-4 hour cruise from Rio Tuba, Bataraza, Palawan & the island itself is known for it’s notable white sand beaches but locals tell that if you want to see the “Most Beautiful White Sand beach out there”, you have to travel another 2 hours by boat on a remote island which is also a Bird Sanctuary; Bugsuk Island, as you can see at the photo above the smooth powdery white sand remains unscathed. The beach is also known for being the “Moving Beach”, you want know why? The answer is; Just take note, the beach is home for several wood-worm or locally known as the Tamilok. =) Other highlights of the town is the century old lighthouse which is notable for it’s height and due to the fact that is also the westernmost structure of the Philippines!

2. Davao Occidental – The Country’s Yongest Child

Sarangani Islands of the municipality of Sarangani, Davao Occiddental includes the island of Olanivan (closest)

Sarangani Islands of the municipality of Sarangani, Davao Occiddental includes the island of Olanivan (closest)

How about going to the youngest and newest province of our country! Davao Occidental, once part of the Davao Del Sur province. It is separated to mainly focus on the municipalities who once lived in poverty and dilemma for it’s proximity from the capital & their main City; Digos City & Davao City. Sorry for Davao Del Sur though, Davao Occidental probably has the most virgin natural marvels we have ever seen! Check out Olanivan Island, part of the Sarangani Islands of the municipality of Sarangani, Davao Occidental, only a few outsiders have ever visited this island & we do hope that some day, we here at PH First, will be one of the luckiest person/s to ever visit this place! (province)


Before our number 1, here’s our Honorable Mentions; Calayan (Babuyan) Islands, Bondoc Peninsula, Jomalig Island, Catanduanes, Masbate, Romblon, Occidental Mindoro, Antique, Eastern Samar, Southern Leyte, Zamboanga Del Norte, Zamboanga Del Sur, Zamboanga Sibugay, Basilan, Sulu, Maguindanao, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani, Davao Oriental, Agusan Del Sur & Dinagat Islands

So without further-a-do, here’s number 1:

1. Abra (Oh Abra! Why so mysterious?)

The Abra River - the Widest River in the country!

The Abra River – the Widest River in the country!

Of course! How can we forget or not mention this province! The province of Abra is shrouded by both mystery and violence, you know what we’re talking about. The entirety of Abra is huge, in fact it is one of the largest provinces out there though there are no definite information, blog, photos & videos that may boast it’s potential as a next ‘Tourism Haven’. We just only read blogs about it’s capital; Bangued or the notable tunnel that borders the province of Abra from Ilocos Sur, but other than that, nothing ! So it got us more pumped and be excited to go there! We here at PH First we’ll definitely would like to go there, we’ve collected some information that there are numerous waterfalls, rock formations, caves, pine forests and even rice terraces that can even match with the Banaue Rice Terraces! Soon PHeeps, very soon indeed! 😉

So here’s the complete list of OUR Top 10 for potential next destinations of the PH Random Journey. For more info, inquiries on how to join our next Random Journey, please click this link overe here; or you may join our community page on Facebook  for discussions and updates;

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