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So RANDOM…Random Journeys!

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Introducing PH First‘s newest Travel Craze; “So Random” Random Journeys! What’s it about? Well for starters, we will be traveling on one or two separate destinations at the same time & varies on your preference; extreme, romantic, jam-packed, relaxing,...

PH Random Journey : South Cebu + Siquijor

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Our monumental 2nd Random Journey at Visayas featuring Two Magnificent Provinces; Cebu (Southern part in particular) & Siquijor. A jam-packed Random Journey with Nature Trippin’, Culture strolling & of course Mystery-Hopping! All of these & more at PH...

PH Random Journey : APO REEF (Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro) – The Largest Coral Reef in Asia

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  The Largest Coral Reef System in the country, as well in Asia & second largest reef system in the World after the Great Barrier Reef of Australia! Located between the island provinces of Occidental Mindoro & Palawan, it is administered by the municipality of...

PH Random Journey : POLILLO Island (Municipality of Polillo) Cocook Shoal, Coral Gardens, Anilon Cave & many more!

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Welcome to our first leg of exploration of the Great Polillo Island (1/3) featuring the municipality of Polillo itself. Let’s explore sandbars, shoals, islands, beaches and even a waterfall on PH First’s next Random Journey for 3Days 2Nights. Event made possible by...

PH Random Journey : PALANAN & DIVILACAN – Two Treasures hidden by the Sierra Madre, ready to be explored!

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PALANAN & DIVILACAN. Two Treasures hidden by the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, ready to be explored by PH First!  Marking our First Anniversary for our PH Random Journey Series, we will go for one of the best, unspoiled destination this July, ushering on more bigger...

PH RANDOM JOURNEY – MERCEDES, Camarines Norte’s Haven of Unspoiled Beauty

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Ever heard of the municipality of Mercedes of Camarines Norte? Not so long ago, I am intrigued by the town itself, first is it’s geography. Mercedes is separated into two territories. One which is exclaved near the province’s capital Mercedes and the other located at...

PH Random Journey – NORTHERN SAMAR (Biri, San Vicente, Capul & San Antonio)

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  Originally, PH First planned a ‘BIRI-only’ Random Journey. But thanks to some research, sources, we can finally explore all four island municipalities of Northern Samar; Capul, San Vicente, San Antonio & Biri. Join us on another epic 3Days 2Nights Random...

PH RANDOM JOURNEY – BABUYAN / CALAYAN Group of Islands 4Days 3Nights on HOLY WEEK; March 23-28

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THE BIGGEST RANDOM JOURNEY Yet! For 4Days 3Nights, let’s explore the unspoiled beauty, unscathed environment of the Babuyan Group Of Islands / Calayan Group of Islands. March 23-28 (March 23 Evening Departure from Manila / March 28 Morning Arrival at Manila) P8,000 per...