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FALLS OF THE WEEK #4 : Barusibis Falls, One of Abra’s Awe-Inspiring Sight

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Makes me eager to visit ABRA even more! Welcome to Abra! Truly, the most least known and hard to reach places boasts the most beautiful, unspoiled, hidden treasures from Mother Nature! Barusibis Waterfalls of Lagayan, Abra took our attention and for sure yours as well! Just an...

FALLS OF THE WEEK #3 : You will not believe where these two Waterfalls are located!

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“A Waterfall at Iligan City? Nope! It’s actually in Laguna, just 3 hours away from Metro Manila” Waterfall #1 Located at the so called “Little Baguio of Laguna”, due to it’s elevation and cold climate that can be compared to Baguio City; the...


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After PH First’s huge success on it’s first PH Random Journey at QUIRINO, we would like to list down our and some our PHeeps’ opinion on what should be the TOP 10 PROSPECTS for PH First’s next PH Random Journey!   So without further a-do, here’s...

TRAVELER’s NOTEPAD: In Depth Look at the Philippines’ Welcome Arches

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Welcome arches are considerably the most noticed landmark of a certain place. It is a common structure that welcomes the people upon entering the town, city, province, barangay and even a sitio.  Arches are mostly photographed by tourists/outsiders, it is somehow an achievement...

PH FOODTRIP: Top 10 Mouthwatering Ilokano Food

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Showcasing the best of the North; as we rank the most mouthwatering Ilokano food ever, PH First style! Note: All food included on this post are based on our opinion so if we miss out or ranked a certain food higher than your favorite/s, please respect our list and you can just...

TRAVELER’S NOTEPAD: Jomalig – The Golden & Pink Frontier

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Jomalig is a island municipality of Quezon which is part of the Polilio Group of Islands. The island itself is the easternmost part of the province, as it literally faces the vast Pacific Ocean. The island is generally flat, Alog point which is described as the highest point of...

FALLS OF THE WEEK #1: Aliwagwag Falls

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The Aliwagwag Falls, located at barangay Aliwagwag, Cateel, Davao Oriental. It is a towering waterfalls considered by hydraulic engineers as the highest in the country and regarded as one of the most beautiful falls in Mindanao. It is a series of 84 falls appearing like stairway...

TRAVELER’S NOTEPAD: Linapacan Island, boasts the clearest waters in the World!

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Linapacan Island  is a municipality in the province of Palawan, Philippines, with a fifth-class income classification.  According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 14,180 people. Linapacan is located south of Coron & Busuanga Islands, north of Palawan main (island),...

TRAVELER’S NOTEPAD: Eastern Visayas Month: The Majestic Biri Island

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Bel-at Natural Pool at Biri Northern Samar. Isn’t this place remarkable or what? Located at a island municipality north of the actual province of Northern Samar. Biri is now dubbed as the “Rock Formation capital of the Philippines”, it is where the San...